Quotes It took me by surprise how right Leigh was when showing me light to my relationships.. she helped me torwards what now is my HUSBAND! she told me an extremely personal reading on how i would find my husband and guess what i am now married and going 3 years strong! thanks a ton leigh! Quotes
Marie L.
Relationship Readings

Quotes Thank you Leigh for this wonderful Tarot Card Reading! Quotes
Ben Ashland
Tarot card reading

Quotes Once again Leigh you were right! on my 2nd baby i was TTC over 2 years i decided, being a skeptical i would try our a TTC reading for my first child, (which i might add VERY GOOD PRICES) and i did not set my hopes too, well She predicted my dates right! so i tried her with my second child and BAM!! once again! i could not believe it honestly! lol she really is a sweet person and tries her best in every reading! Thank you so much Leigh Quotes
Kelley Robins
TTC prediction

Quotes Leigh Light was on spot with my TTC prediction!!! she said i would conceive in the month on January 2009 with a girl and guess what i did and gave birth at 38 weeks to a healthy baby girl!! THANK YOU LEIGH!! i will recommend you every where! Quotes
Ashley F